Letters From The Heart

1. Building a child's literacy skills.

The act of writing a letter is becoming foreign in our own society. But in many developing countries, letter writing isn't even a part of the culture. Often this is due to the lack of literacy skills.
Many sponsored children represent the first literate generation in their families. Communicating with a sponsor is a wonderful motivation to apply their developing reading and writing skills. It's an effective way of demonstrating to them the practical applications for literacy. 

2. Growing a child's confidence.

Compassion research has shown children who correspond with their sponsors set higher goals for themselves. The everyday result for such children is a growing attitude they can do something positive about the circumstances around them. Many of the remarkable success stories of sponsored children have, at their heart, a caring sponsor who encouraged the child to think and dream beyond their circumstances.

3. Broadening a child's horizons across cultures.

Children have an innate curiosity about our world. Children of poverty share that curiosity, yet their circumstances tend to lock them into a particular environment, with little hope of seeing the world outside it. In their letters, sponsors can provide children with a window of the world beyond their own community. 

4. Reinforcing a child's understanding of a loving God.

Far more important than any material benefit we can provide children is the life changing
message of hope presented in the Gospel. Modeling Christ is the most strategic and effective role that we can play in developing these young lives. Your letters can serve to reinforce the eternal significance of a personal relationship with Christ. By sharing favorite passages of scripture and encouraging your child to remain steadfast in the word, you may be used as an instrument for their salvation. Many sponsored children have testified to this fact.

5. Inexpensive gifts.

Children love to receive occasional photographs of you and your family. However, please remember we need to post letters that are light and flat rather than bulky. Some sponsors are very clever, and include inexpensive gifts such as bookmarks, cards, pictures and stickers.

6. Write regularly.

We suggest you write at least twice a year but you can write as often as you like. Normally you can expect a letter from your sponsored child two or three times a year. A project worker may write one of these on behalf of the child. 

Tips for letter writing 
• Send postcards of New Zealand. 
• Keep your letters simple. 
• Tell them about your family, your culture, your pets or church. 
• Send a photo of you and your family. 
• If you have children get them involved. 
Write to your sponsored child via our website 

Giving Monetary gifts

To ensure birthday money arrives on time, we recommend sending it two months in advance. 

 I also encourage you to send gifts where you can; this does make a difference to the children and their families. We do not keep from gifts, so all of your money is sent to the child. Local project workers will purchase the gifts on your behalf. This ensures the funds are used appropriately. To ensure birthday money arrives on time, we recommend sending it . 

Guidelines for gifts 

• Birthday gifts - $15-$50
• Special gift - A specific request for the child you sponsor ie Bible, soccer ball etc $15-$50 
• Family gift - $25-$600 
• Project gift - $50 - $2000 
• Graduation gift - $20 - $600 

We ask that when sending in your gift please inform us of what you would like your gift to be used for. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to call the Supporter Relations Team on 0800 800 777

Email template for writing to your child

Write to your sponsored child today. Click
here to use the template to email your letter to us. We will then forward it to your sponsor child's project for translation and delivery.

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