Transforming Lives

It's tempting to look at the vast issue of world poverty and believe you are powerless to make a difference.
But you can be of great significance if you focus on something smaller, something intimate.

 A child.

By focusing on the lives and opportunities of children you stand a real chance of changing the world. At TEAR Fund we believe there is no better way to help the poor than providing a future and hope for children. Here are just a few stories of children whose lives have been changed through the TEAR Fund/Compassion sponsorship program.

Melin’s story

Melin is a very talented teenager.  Her story shows how sponsorship, in taking the emphasis off basic survival, opens children up to developing their gifts and abilities, and succeeding in them.

When Melin was 5 years old, she made her first doll dress. Then, in elementary school, she won several contests related to arts, creativity and design. She even won contests organized by well-know organizations and her work was published by a very well-know newspaper. She finished school and started to study at the Fashion School called "Chio Lecca". After 4 months, she was considered for a scholarship in Paris - , which starts in July. Her studies will take 3 year now if she manages to gather all she needs to travel. Project informed that she has proved her Christian conviction, maturity and her skills at the project.”

Noemi’s story

Noemi grew up surrounded by poverty in the dusty street in one of the poorest areas of Guayaquil.  Her father’s salary of USD$5 per day was never enough for food or clothes and the reason that Noemi couldn’t attend school.

Her story is such a familiar one in the developing world.  But through child sponsors’ Mark and Julie, Noemi was enrolled in a TEAR Fund/Compassion sponsorship program.  Her greatest joy came the day she received her first letter from her sponsor.  For the next eight years they encouraged her in her education, and praised her for her accomplishments.  They also challenged her to set goals.

Noemi completed her senior year of high school and thought her sponsorship would end but her sponsors continued to support her through her university studies as part of the LDP (Leadership Development program).  Noemi is now in her third year of study where she is majoring in Accounting.  Noemi knows how blessed she is, as “only a few in have the privilege to study at university”.  Noemi has dreamed of running her own auditing firm and that dream is now closer than ever.

Helen’s story

For six month’s Helen thought something was wrong with her as she waited for someone to sponsor her.  When all her friends received letters she would slip outside the TEAR Fund/Compassion program center so that her friends would not see her tears.

But one day one of the program workers told Helen she had been sponsored.  Then over the next 13 years she received letters and the friendship built to a level where Helen would share deeply about family problems.  They responded by telling her “Just hold on”. 

Eventually her sponsor Keith visited her in her home town and was shocked at the conditions that Helen lived.  Rising from the garbage and tiny home was an amazing girl who eventually completed her local nursing studies and went to work at a clinic in her community.

She knew she owed so much to her sponsors and if not for them she would have lived an aimless life.  Now with gratefulness in her heart, she has the desire to give back to other children in poverty.

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