Regifting your tax credit to TEAR Fund

If you wish, there's a simple way to donate your tax credit back to TEAR Fund. That option increases your initial donation to TEAR Fund by 33% and allows you to claim an additional tax credit on this amount next year! 

To choose this option, simply follow these easy steps:

    1. Fill in the IR 526 form - Download the form with our details prefilled here.
    2. In box 10, enter the amount of your tax credit you would like to transfer to TEAR Fund.
    3. Enter the year for which you are claiming a tax credit (eg. 2015).
    4. Staple your receipt to the form and post it to your local Inland Revenue office. Check for the office nearest you.


    5. Complete our online form (Click here) or send an email to with your IRD number, full name, receipt number, $ amount and project you wish your credit to be allocated to. TEAR Fund will then send you a receipt. (Due to Privacy regulation IRD will not disclose your name).

Your credit will be transferred to TEAR Fund's IRD number and paid into our bank account to help even more of God's neediest children this year.