Child Survival Program (CSP)

The needs of young children living in poverty are severe and immediate with great potential for negative impact, including infant mortality, premature birth, illness, developmental delay, and decline in intelligence scores, poor future school performance, and relationship problems (St. Pierre & Layzer, 1998; Yoshikawa, 1995).  The longer a young child lives in poverty, the more severe and lasting the negative impact (St. Pierre & Layzer, 1998).

The Child Survival program is a pre-child sponsorship early childhood program.  The age range for CSP is pre-natal through age three.  The program must involve the mother or other primary caregiver.  The children once past the age of three will then become part of the child sponsorship program. 

The cost for a total CSP is NZ$40,000. Or you can become a CSP supporter for $20 a month.

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LDP – Leadership Development Program

This is the final stage of the Child Development program model. This is available for a select group of young Christian men and women who have completed the child sponsorship program and successfully meet the selection criteria established by the LDP in their country of origin.  

These LDP students are high school graduates who have the potential, but not the financial means, to excel academically and in leadership are given the opportunity to pursue a university degree, and to develop and enhance leadership skills.  

The goals of the LDP are intended to:

  • Assist in actualizing the inherent abilities of young adults with outstanding potential.
  • Developing qualified Christian leaders from among selected exceptionally gifted young people.
  • Influence the development of nations by preparing young people from poverty to be Christian leaders.

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