1. Why does my Christmas card and letter arrive so early?
    In order to ensure your sponsor child receives their card and gifts in time for Christmas, Tear Fund will send the appeal letters three months prior to Christmas. We need to allow time for you to write a message and send in any monetary gifts. Once these lovely cards reach our office, we will process all of them and send them to the corresponding countries to be translated and given to your sponsor child.
    All monetary gifts, given for the Christmas gift fund, will be pooled and distributed amongst all the children belonging to a child sponsorship project. Appropriate gifts are purchased by the staff for the children.
  2. Does my monetary gift go specifically to my sponsor child?
    Tear fund believes all children should be given the opportunity to experience Joy at Christmas. For this reason, all donations that come in for the Christmas gift fund are pooled. The fund is then distributed amongst all Compassion children, including those who are registered but not yet sponsored.
  3. What kind of gift will my sponsor child receive?
    The local staff will purchase age-appropriate gifts for each child within their project. Gifts can include things such as art supplies, school supplies, food, clothing, and toys. These gifts are often purchased from the local communities which therefore helps the local businesses and economy.
  4. Can I send my own gift parcel to my sponsor child?
    We understand that many sponsors would love to specify or choose a gift for their sponsored child. Unfortunately due to high custom taxes and fees, possible theft and postage costs, we are unable to send through parcels and physical gifts. Local project staff will purchase age and culture appropriate gifts for your child. This will also in turn, help their local economy as gifts a purchased within their communities.
  5. Am I able to send a monetary gift specifically for my sponsor child and their family?
    Unfortunately at Christmas time, sending a specific family gift is not practically possible. However, it is possible to send a monetary family gift at another time, in which you can also include a suggestion of what you would like to purchase for your sponsor child and their family. Please do note that if the family has a more pressing need other than your suggestion, they are free to use the gift amount accordingly.
  6. Is it too late to send my card andgift after the cut-off date?
    We do recommend that you send in your card & gift as soon as possible after your receive it. However, if you do miss the return-by date, please do still send this in. We can not guarantee your card will reach your child in time for Christmas, but they will still be very happy to receive a card from you.
  7. Can I send my own Christmas card instead of the TEAR Fund card?
    A Christmas card is supplied for all sponsors to personalize and send back to our office to be passed on to their sponsor child. This allows us to record and track all correspondence that comes through our office. If you would like to send your own card, please make sure to include your Sponsor child’s number along with your supporter number. Without this information, we may not be able to forward your card on.
  8. Will my sponsor child tell me what they received for Christmas?
    All sponsor children are encouraged by the project staff, to thank their sponsors and let them know what they received in their next letter. Please feel free to ask your sponsor child questions regarding their Christmas gifts.
  9. Can I give more money than the suggested amount for the Christmas Gift Fund?
    You can certainly donate more than the suggested amount. Your generous donation will ensure that every child receives a gift as it will cover the cost of gifts for children whose sponsors are unable to contribute as well as gifts for registered children without sponsors. This is one of the most special times of the year for the children as for many of them, Christmas is the only time they receive gifts.
  10. Is my Christmas gift donation tax deductible?
    Yes. All donations over $5.00 made throughout the year, including gift amounts, are tax deductible. You will receive an acknowledgement receipt for all one-off donations as well as a tax summary at the end of the financial year.

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