Child Sponsorship Payments and Gifts

Sponsorship Payments. You can make a payment or overdue payment to the child you sponsor by entering the amount in the sponsorship payments box.

Click here >>  to open our Sponsorship payments and Gifts Form.

Giving gifts
Giving gifts is a wonderful opportunity to make an added difference to the life of your sponsor child and their families. As we cannot send large items overseas and to ensure that your child receives the gift we forward the value of the gift to the childs project.

Guidelines for gifts 
• Birthday gifts - $15-$50 (Limit of two per year) 
• Special gift - A specific request for the child you sponsor ie Bible, soccer ball etc $15-$50 
• Family gift - $25-$600 
• Project gift - $50 - $2000 
• Graduation gift - $20 - $600 

To ensure birthday money arrives on time, we recommend sending it two months in advance. 

Christmas gifts. At Christmas all money donated by sponsors worldwide is pooled so that all sponsored children receive a gift. A suggested amount is $30.00 but there is no limit to the amount that you can give for Christmas gifts.

What happens to your gift. The full value of your gift is forwarded to the child you support. Field staff will buy an appropriate gift to the value of your donation. This also ensures the funds are used appropriately. 

To make a gift payment to the child you sponsor please enter the amount you would like to donate in the box next to the gift selection you would like to donate too - click here to open our Sponsorship payments and Gifts Form.

We ask that when sending in your gift please inform us of what you would like your gift to be used for. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to call the Supporter Relations Team on 0800 800 777.

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