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Greys-Fully Giving

Greys-Fully Giving is a free seminar offered by TEAR Fund to churches, cell groups or community groups that looks into positive ageing and how to get the very best out of life in our older years. It is delivered in a warm, relaxed and humorous environment by our skilled facilitators. We bring the seminar to you at your chosen location and we provide a free morning or afternoon tea to get you into the right frame of mind. The seminar has been a huge hit all over NZ.

“The presentation was professional, lively and enthusiastic. Ageing positively was a topic that people were able to engage with and share their experiences and thoughts on. The information given was helpful and up-to-date, and the discussion both light-hearted and interesting. People thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and found it very worthwhile. I would warmly recommend this seminar to other parishes.
- Rev Rose Luxford St Paul’s Presbyterian Oamaru

“The Seminar was inspiring, humorous, fun, inter-active and practical. Sue is a brilliant presenter encouraging and challenging… to be creative, positive and inventive. The Cliff Richards endorsement video was inspiring.
- Rev. Edgar Hornblow, National Superintendent Emeritus, Wesleyan Church.

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To enquire about having a free seminar in your area please contact us on 0800 800 777, or email

Gifts and Wills

Every single one of has the wonderful opportunity to decide how we will leave a lasting legacy on our world. Each of us has something to give and it’s important that we invest in something that will outlast us. Coming alongside TEAR Fund through a gift (or bequest as it is sometimes called) is one way to ensure that your legacy will continue long beyond your lifetime. The TEAR Fund family is made up of everyday people, just like you, who are moved by the needless suffering poverty causes, particularly to the most vulnerable - children. Between us we have the experience, compassion and resources to achieve positive life change.

What could I leave in my will?

  1. You can choose to leave a specific amount of money
  2. You can choose to leave a nominated percentage of money
  3. You can choose to leave a specific gift like property or valuable possessions
  4. You can choose to doing your giving while your living and make charitable gifts during your lifetime

How do I arrange including TEAR Fund in my will?

Your solicitor will help you do this. All you need to do is clearly state what you would like to give and who you would like the gift to go to.
The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund (TEAR Fund) Charity No: CC21725

Your solicitor will make sure that this is recorded and witnessed accordingly; it’s as simple as that!
Please note that if you already have a will and would now like to include TEAR Fund in it, simply speak to your solicitor and he will add a codicil (an amendment) to it. He will then get this amendment witnessed and arrange for you to sign it.
As you prepare to make or update your will we highly recommend seeking qualified legal advice.You can consult a solicitor, the Public Trust Office or a trustee company such as Guardian Trust. The New Zealand Law Society are both great resources to assist you in finding a solicitor if you do not currently have one.

What kind of an impact will my gift have?

Leaving a gift in your will to TEAR Fund will, no matter how small or large helps to secure our future so that we can continue to glorify God by extending His Kingdom in ministry to the poor, oppressed and disadvantaged.

TEAR Fund NZ is a Christian aid and development organisation and we work in close partnership with local Christian non-government organisations and churches in Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Your gift will help actively change the lives of the poor and oppressed through disaster relief, community development and child sponsorship.

We’ve been assisting communities since 1975 and with the generous support of Kiwis, have helped change the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and families. Our staff are passionate about giving their lives to this cause and we are committed to making sure 80 per cent of money raised goes to our work in developing countries.

A gift in your will could achieve the following:
$6,600 could fund a child with sponsorship plus over 10 years
$15,000 could support a maternal child and healthcare programme in India
$40,000 could rescue 50 children from being sex trafficked
$72,000 could fund and entire agricultural programme in Malawi

TEAR Fund is very grateful for any amount donated!

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your will, we have a free information pack available which includes a brochure, a one page legal document for your reference and a 10 minute DVD narrated by Sir Cliff Richard on the work of TEAR Fund and the significant impact of gifts and bequests.

For any enquiries relating to wills or bequests please contact us on 0800 800 777, or email