TEAR Fund – innovative Christian aid

TEAR Fund stands for The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund, an organisation formed in Britain in the 1950s in response to African famine. It later became a permanent organisation. The New Zealand group was formed in 1975.

TEAR Fund represents the compassion of Jesus. For over 30 years we have worked through child sponsorship, microenterprise, community development and disaster relief projects throughout the developing world. Assistance is provided regardless of the religious beliefs of recipients.

TEAR Fund partners with local Christian organisations and churches in developing countries. Our partners use local staff who work directly with the poorest people, helping them find their own solutions, cutting out the middleman and reducing costs. Our key activities are child sponsorship, Microenterprise, community development projects and disaster relief. 


The purpose of TEAR Fund is to glorify God by extending his kingdom in ministry to the poor, oppressed and disadvantaged, and to encourage God's people in New Zealand to live out the values and principles of his kingdom, by sharing with those in need.

TEAR Fund child sponsorship meets poverty and exploitation head-on with the justice of Jesus. Your money goes directly to provide your sponsored child with healthcare, nutrition, clothing, education and an opportunity for spiritual development. 

Our supporters sponsor children in over 24 developing countries through our membership of the Compassion International child sponsorship network.

  • Each child has the opportunity to hear the gospel in an age-appropriate and culturally relevant way 
  • Each sponsor has a direct link with a child and receives photos, reports and regular news 
  • Every child sponsorship centre is run through a local church  Read more >>

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    Tear Fund Microenterprise provides small, fair credit loans to the poor to establish businesses – for example raising livestock, running market stalls or producing handcrafts. These loans can be as little as $100, and for the poor who do not have access to banks, the loan can be the difference between poverty and self-sufficiency.  As these loans are repaid, they are loaned again, creating a sustainable cycle of development.   Read More>>

    Support Microenterprise now from just $20 a month 

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    TEAR Fund works with Christian partner groups to assist communities facing specific challenges. When you become a Changemaker, you make a decision to fight poverty and injustice. By giving from as little as $10 a month, you provide effective, long term solutions to suffering. By becoming a Changemaker, you support programmes transforming the world’s poorest communities.

    In Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Iraq and many other poverty-stricken nations, Changemaker is assisting the most impoverished communities. In times of conflict, during natural disasters and in the face of oppressive poverty, you can make a difference.

    We will allocate your support to the most urgent projects. Read more>>

    Support Changemaker now from Just $10 a month 


    For more information on TEAR Fund please phone us on 0800 800 777 or email enquiries@tearfund.org.nz


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    TEAR Fund is a registered charitable entity in terms of the Charities Act 2005. TEAR Fund is listed with The New Zealand Charities Commission,  under its legal name: The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund.

    The Charities Commission - Komihana Kaupapa Atawhai - is responsible for registering and monitoring charitable organisations in New Zealand, as well as providing support and education to the charitable sector on good governance and management.

    For more information about TEAR Fund as a charitable entity, visit the Charities Register at www.charities.govt.nz